So I’m going through the accents/skin board and I’m hoping someone can help me out.

I thought that accents were not allowed to cover the line art layer of dragons - but yet I’m seeing a LOT of accents that very clearly break that rule?

Is this like, one of those things that is against the rules but not really enforced? I’d love to make some accents and it’d be much easier to be able to draw over the lineart but I don’t want to create an accent and submit it and spend the gems on a blueprint, only to find out that it’s nixed.


I believe the lineart has to be visible - there can be other lines and colors that look like they alter it as long as they don’t /actually/. Things like transparency are just fancy eye tricks! 

Also signal boosting for people who know more than I do about this because I am by no means an expert


Each wyrm boasts a coarse mane that must be trimmed regularly,





imp hairdressers anyone

This actually fits the headcanons of my male imps actually having very long manes… though they’re not coarse >3>


why coarse.

Pearlcatchers have coarse manes too.

what’s up with all this “coarse”

Are tundras the only ones with remotely soft hair?


i imagine ‘coarse’ as not really meaning /rough/, per say, but describing something more like horse manes and tails. Tundra fluff is more… poofy, so it can be softer. Manes and tail tufts would preferrably keep their shape, so they’d have a different type of hair. Uh how do describe horse hair to people who’ve never felt it… kind of like twine? thin twine. maybe two human hairs wound up together? I think the twine is more accurate

and maybe imps with tundra parents/were scrolled have floofy manes and shed all the time so many possibilities




in plague clans, becoming an emperor is not something to be feared, but to be revered

you have truly ascended past death into something far, far, far greater

sure, plague dragons are terrified of the emperors, but ambitious plague dragons use them, try to control them and sic them on their enemies. it rarely goes as planned, but that doesn’t stop plague clans from leaving dead imperials together in hopes that maybe, maybe they’ll achieve an emperor

i removed the read more because this is HELLA RAD

  • Plaguebringer: I'm probably the most hardcore. I created mirrors with TWO sets of eyes, so. Pretty badass.
  • Shadowbinder: Oh yeah? Well I live in an impenetrable mist. IMPENETRABLE. If that's not super dark, I don't know what is.
  • Plaguebringer: My skin oozes with contagion and disease. I am become plague.
  • Shadowbinder: What's that in the corner of your eye? SPOILER, it's me, being shadowy. Hard. Freaking. Core.
  • Lightweaver: I created a species that when they die they fuse together with their dead brethren to become a hideous zombie nightmare dragon of terror, mindless and terrible.
  • Shadowbinder:
  • Plaguebringer:
  • Shadowbinder: What the fuck is wrong with you.

theres so many drawings of emperors and that’s rad but they all have fully-formed bodies why not:

two heads joined together that split the jaw into four parts
half-rotted heads partially submerged in the neck
bones jutting out where the decayed were caught in the creation
wings in odd positions and sometimes fused with paws
extra eye sockets where the contents are stones and earth
bloodless wounds that fester with flies instead

like these are literal walking corpses they aren’t going to look whole and pretty