Wish Rising yaaay

so basically i am always in need of something; food points, expansion treasure, new familiars, etc, but the stuff I’m using directly on dragons is listed in each of their bios! mm yes smart go me

so yeah donate to a dragon if you want, don’t if you don’t. i’ll be filling gifts too, just a heads up

also collecting Mammertee and Kelp Tender Plush(es), Nickel Cat Figurine(s), Frozen Rock Flow(s) and Runed Tuft(s) of Fur

my lair - my bestiary 


Weekend Giveaway - Flameforgers Edition!


Hello! Is everyone having a good Flameforger’s Festival? I have - everything’s been a lot easier to find this month! (Well, except for those darn Phoenix Feather chests…but that’s what all you wonderful Tumblr people are here for, right?♥) Anyway, on to the giveaway:


That is:

  • Magma Embear
  • Searing Emblem
  • Magmatic Pauldrons
  • Searing Sash
  • Cinderheart accent
  • Smoke Chaser skin
  • Firebird Feathers accent
  • Molten Surge skin
  • Gilded Metalworker accent
  • Crumbling Phoenix skin
  • Igniteus Chest with the Igniteus accent
  • Flameheart Chest with the Flameheart skin
  • Phoenix Feather Chest with the Blazing Phoenix Feathers accent
  • Construct Chest with the Construct of Flame skin
  • Methane Chest with the Glowing Methane accent
  • Magmaborne Chest with the MagmaBorne skin

(If the admins keep adding things, I’ll have to change how I do these - we’re at the maximum number of things that will fit in one message!♥)

Rules are the same as always. Reblog once with your FR username and ID # to enter - likes makes me feel loved but don’t count as an entry. You can enter multiple names/IDs in one reblog, so long as they’re only entered ONCE - if they show up in another post I’ll ignore both entries. (So enter your friends if you like, but make sure no one else is entering them as well!) You don’t have to be following me to enter.:) Giveaway ends sometime Sunday, August 30, before rollover; I’ll update this post when it’s done so be sure to check back here. 

Good luck, and have a great weekend!:)

IceOfFireflight, 36120! 
I don’t think my friends will be entering on their own (and, friends listed, don’t enter on your own if you see this) so I’mma add;
Thorax, 38010
CinnamonGlaze, 62596
IvoryMix, 51337
calamari007, 42631




Since I’m flying off tonight (3pm FR time), I won’t be able to participate in the Fire festival. That makes me a bit sad :< I wish I could at least get a set of the items (without the emblem, bless you friends), and if the Fire apparel is nice I’ll scrap myself some extras. ;n; 

Oh wait, where am I going? I’m leaving my little pond to head to Toronto, Canada :> I’m traveling cargo class in a fish tank because Poliwags are not allowed to sit with other passengers. ;w; Anyway, I have a few posts queued to pop up once a day, you can see them tagged ‘poliqueue’ so if you want to you can just block that. :> 

let’s work together to get them the festival loot, aye?




or an update. the original post is out there somewhere because i never tagged it correctly.

every flight has it’s own “high school” but it’s obviously mixed with dragons from different flights.

they all get together once a year for track meets/flying meets. they’re kind of…

tidelord and flamecaller always close the ceremonies with their version of ‘set fire to the rain’

i believe this is one of the original posts u speak of



Briar Nexus is a social site in the making that aims to bring together all people, no matter their religion, beliefs, gender, sexuality, fandom, lifestyle or residence in a single place where they can all be happy and safe to socialize. 

Account activation requires a username of your choice to use around the site, a valid email (so that you can receive password resets), a birth date to confirm you are older than 13, and a password. The information you display on your profile is completely optional, and the system used for entry is completely free-typed. This means that you do not have to share your gender, age, relationship status, short biography or interests if you don’t want to; but if you do, slots for sexuality, pronouns, beliefs, active fandoms, and various other information tabs will be available. There will also be sub-bios available for those who roleplay.

The rules and moderation of the site will be controlled with the user’s best interests at heart, in hopes of inspiring a community that does not feel as if the moderators are ‘unfair’ or ‘evil’. Each new moderator must correctly answer a set of questions to ensure their ability to work with users before they will be added to the team.

The Nexus also offers customizable Avakin; various species that will become your avatar and represent you around the site. Avakin species available on activation will be humans, dragons, cats, and dogs, although Potions can be purchased in the on-site shop to change your Avakin into even more creatures, like fish, birds, lizards, unicorns and more! Avakin are not gendered in any way, and can wear any type of apparel available. Because of the Avakin’s place as avatar, custom avatars will not be available.

The Nexus’s Kickstarter goal of $600 USD is composed of three months worth of hosting costs, as well as the initial cost to get the domain name and site running. There is some leftover to cover the Kickstarter fees.

We do hope that you consider donating to make Briar Nexus a reality today!